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  1. What I did pop into this thread to mention was after looking at one of these models on eBay, not even actually watching, I received this message and offer of 5% discount. I can assure you I won't be taking the offer up. Jason
  2. I'm afraid you have misquoted me and I'm very angry that you assume I vote Communist or any other political party. I think an apology is in order. Jason
  3. A bit strong coming from the most hated team in the league. Never mind hopefully all those 100 plus charges will eventually be dealt with and we'll see the back of the cheats and all those trophies will be dished out to the deserved winners. Unfortunately the people in charge are just as corrupt as the team in a council owned stadium....
  4. ISTR that the RTR chassis needed altering for the K's bodyline kits. Nowadays you would probably be better using a Comet chassis. They aren't that difficult for a simple 0-6-0T. Basically two side frames, spacers, bearings, coupling rods and a few bits of brake gear. https://www.wizardmodels.ltd/shop/locomotive/lcp22/ That's my plan. Got the GWR 97XX and MR 3F 0-6-0Ts recently, and both seem to be reasonable kits of prototypes which I don't think anyone else makes. Also ended up with a LNER J50 which was a bargain at £10 although it did have a couple of minor parts missing. They do pop up quite often still attached to the card for less than £20. Jason
  5. It's as much the myth of branch lines that needs to be knocked on the head. There was only about twenty of them and some were worked by locomotives up to and including Kings! Such as the Kingswear Branch. http://www.cornwallrailwaysociety.org.uk/newton-abbot-to-kingswear-also-brixham-branch.html Minehead Branch was usually worked by Prairies and Moguls. Think of the 14xxs as more the precursor of the DMU, you even got them working into Paddington on local trains to places like Southall and Greenford. It wasn't the closure of the branch lines that killed them, it was DMUs. Jason
  6. Only went to Tilbury Riverside once when we were going to see my grandad on one of his few visits to Britain and that was a mistake! Supposed to be going to Tilbury Town and my dad asked the guard who told him Riverside, even though we had said it's Town we want. I think the guard thought we wanted the ferry as I doubt they had many families wanting to go to a container port. Got off, asked at that end and was directed back to Tilbury Town. If you've got kids who are trainspotters, listen to them.... Jason
  7. There wasn't really a massive range ISTR and most were discontinued by the early 1970s. A lot of the range was duplicated in the original N Gauge range which more or less replaced it. Some are in the Hattons Directory. https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklistdatabase/1000398/1000588/1000640/0/graham_farish_oo_gauge_1_76_scale_steam_locos/prodlist https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklist/siteresults?search/scales/OO/product-types/Wagons/brands/Graham Farish/stockstatus/all https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklist/siteresults?search/scales/OO/product-types/Coaches/brands/Graham Farish/stockstatus/all The only loco I ever had was a GWR 94XX which was replaced by a Lima version plus a few wagons. Jason
  8. Looks like someone has Pugbashed a Kitmaster Pug and an old Hornby Dublo tank wagon! Jason
  9. However most of them didn't work on branch lines.... Might be worth looking at the actual allocations of them and hopefully dispel the myth of the GWR branch line. They were just lightweight passenger engines. http://www.greatwestern.org.uk/042_1400det.htm http://www.greatwestern.org.uk/042_5800det.htm I blame that film,,,, Jason
  10. Erm. It's a T shirt and fun memorabilia company..... Nowt to do with any politicians!
  11. Another 1970s "wonder" material! Also see 1970s cast resin. I had a GER J19 0-6-0 body to fit on a RTR chassis and you were meant to use the B12 tender. Made by Jaycraft I think. Casting was average, looked like a J19, but the material was dreadful.... Jason
  12. Sneaking up? True answer is I think it's the "watermark" of the person that has made the Meme...
  13. Yes. That's a recent one. https://www.hattons.co.uk/directory/versiondetails/4914/hornby_oo_lms_20_ton_brake_van?instock=true&onorder=true&soldout=true This was the older version. https://www.hattons.co.uk/directory/versiondetails/3874/airfix_gmr_great_model_railways_oo_lms_20_ton_brake_van?instock=true&onorder=true&soldout=true Jason
  14. Try selling fake Louis Vuitton bags or Manchester United shirts on eBay and see how much they care! eBay are extremely strict on what is sold on their platform and will prosecute if they have evidence. But they need the evidence and I doubt a few old Hornby Dublo trains are worth even bothering about. Has anyone tried flagging up stuff that is actually dodgy? You'll see how they operate if you did. Jason
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