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1 hour ago, Ceptic said:


Why doesn't the text / lines of horizontal typing, line up with the inner edge of the page ??

Because that is how the typist set it out, in accordance with the local instructions for setting out paragraphs, tables, etc., and it is all correct.



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I always got the impression that Riddles and Bulleid disliked each other intensely.  Of course, the final insults (rebuilding of the "spam cans" and cancellation of Leader) happened much later, after Bulleid had left for Ireland.


I doubt BR would have gone for malachite across the passenger fleet in any case!

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5 hours ago, slilley said:

This is a letter from Riddles to Bulleid following the Railway Executive decision on liveries taken on 17th January 1949.

490131 Riddles to Bulleid livery letter page 1.jpg

That's very interesting, in 1949 there was only one express passenger electric loco...


So this livery might have been correct if the EE1 had ever been repainted - although it did get its BR number it remained in LNER green.

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On 10/04/2020 at 16:06, slilley said:

The A3s were originally 7P but were given blue.

Maybe a nod to the effect that they were capable of performing 8P duties ? Still remains a curious anomaly though. My first sight of one....60066.....was in blue. Whimsical ?

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38 minutes ago, Michael Edge said:

EM2s were black as intended - Electric Mixed Traffic type 2

Although they were built specifically for passenger traffic. In any case, I don't think that the LNER's class designations for electric locomotives were quite as straightforward as that. M also stands for Manchester, as in "Manchester - Sheffield - Wath Electrification", the title used by the railway to describe it.



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