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Unknown Hornby Pendolino version

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Stick it on the programming track and read CV1, if you get an address it has a decoder - no address then probably no decoder at which point you take the top off :)

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Thanks for your quick reply Iain I should have given more details the set is all non powered I have modified the front car to be towed and has kadee fitted but I want to get rear lights to work with dcc decoder, the lights come on when I use 9volt battery white and red when I change battery terminals round  and for some reason white lights occasionally come when towed around I the layout. I have tried programmin track on my Lenz 100 but just get error 2. Do I have to undo connector with spring on to release the body which I have started to do.

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You say the lights occasionally come on when its towed round ?   Is it just getting intermitent power then ? Possibly a wheel clean to improve electrical pickup might help.

  Also you mention that its made up of unpowered units  so you would need to put it on the programming track with a powered unit, program the cvs as you wish and then re set the decoder in the powered unit, once the unpowered unit is set up.

 With a normal powered set this is how you set it up. Put both units on the programming track. Program the number, and cv values for the dummy car (there needs to be a motor load to program the decoder) This will program BOTH decoders, you then remove the dummy car and Then set up the decoder in the powered car with its own number and cv values



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