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What Is/Was This Building at Cardiff Canton?

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Hi All!  Does anyone know what this building (the one with the blue door and blue pipes coming out of it) is? What was it's purpose and bonus points if anyone has any other photos of it. I have a few from Flickr but not many detailed/close up. 

Thanks in advance! 


Cardiff Canton


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3 hours ago, Fat Controller said:

A pump house supplying the water tank on top of the coal stage, just out-of-shot to the left?

The building dates from the time of the conversion to a diesel depot judging by the brickwork.  But definitely a water pumping station of soem sort from the colour of the pipework and the building obviously contained machinery of some sort. 

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20 hours ago, richscylla said:

I thought water and electricity didn't mix!! Thanks guys



That's why the water is in it's own building...

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Blue pipes would signify coolant, raw water being green, and as it isn't anywhere big enough to be a water treatment plant, I would agree it was just a pump room.

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Thanks to the discussion on this thread, I bought the kit as it was just the job for filling an odd corner on the layout where I was having trouble deciding what to put there.



rev pumping station.jpg

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