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What are these Network Rail wagons?

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I took these pictures at Toton in 2009 and I always thought that these two wagon we’re Network Rail JNA “Falcon’s” but upon closer inspection, they are TOPS coded IOA (F) and have a RIV number.  I’ve searched online, in several publications but find anything, so are these Falcons but in a different coding and numbering or something different?



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6 minutes ago, Simon Bendall said:

They're not Falcons but same concept, more akin to MLAs.  They were delivered after the European interoperability rules took effect hence the telephone numbers

Are they still in service as I can’t seem to find anything about them?

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16 minutes ago, Jeremy C said:

This website says they are IEAs (as distinct from the taller IOAs)



There seems to me to be quite a bit of information about them online. Include 5892 in your search term.

That’s what confused me because if I typed in IOA and all I got was the taller IOA’s.  Thanks for all help, much appreciated.

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Seem stupid giving everything international TOPS codes at least with M TOPS code you have half an idea what the wagon may look like  but an I code could be anything. 

Just another example of how stupid the railway has got . It irritated me when wagon names started to be given to be the same as some sports teams instead of marine life and aquatic mammals 

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Thankfully the "give it all I codes" didn't last long. Recent HOA, JNA etc have all had continental numbers.

As for are the are they Falcons... Operationally yes. The original JNAs, these and all three batches of MLAs (NR, ex Metronet and EWS) are all used as one big pool of wagons. A train that Network Rail specify as say 25 Falcons, could easily contain all those types. The NLU JNAs are slightly shorter, but not by much, only noticeable with a set of 20 on a siding that will only hold 20 of the NLU type.

As an aside, the EWS MLAs are officially Red Snappers, but are counted in the Falcon numbers.



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