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3D printing - Elegoo Mars resin

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Haha, no don’t worry, I also didn’t want my post to come across as saying “why do yo use Monocure, it’s really expensive?!”, when I recall they’re on your doorstep. 

It’s frustrating that we’ve suddenly lost so many trade avenues. I buy Anycubic resin 5-10 litres at a time, and usually pay ~£20/litre, presently there are very few options below £30/litre.   

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I've never found Elegoo resin available from anywhere here that doesn't look dodgy.


For Anycubic I look out for sudden unannounced price drops on their ebay.com.au store, it is quite volatile there and goes up and down for no apparent reason.


I'm not sure why but  grey is around 50% more than  the price of the other colours at the moment.  Currently other colours are $49.99 a litre, which is apparently about 28 pounds, but a direct comparison isn't truly comparable given differences in cost of living, average wages etc so The Economist uses the Big Mac index to equate prices in different countries, based on the price of a Big mac in each country..


Using this, its 7.81 Australian Big Macs.  Using the google price of 3.19 for a UK Big Mac, its the equivalent of 24.92 pounds.


With free shipping.


  Grey is the equivalent of 34.89 pounds using the Big Mac index..

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Not a great deal of new projects from me at the moment, having not had a great deal of time or if I'm honest enthusiasm - however, I have been working on a sanding tower, based upon the three once at Finsbury Park. Still a bit more to do on the CAD models, but getting there.


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