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Heljan 61xx

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I am looking to purchase and fit an ESU Loksound L sound decoder purely for plug and play rather than re-wiriing (not my skillset) and just wondering if anyone out there has done the same and what type/size speaker would you suggest.


Also, although none were preserved what sound file would you recommend Coastal DCC, SWD etc?



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To my knowledge 6106 is preserved at Didcot it was running  until it ran out of ticket and is now cosmetically restored only. The 6100 series of GWR Prairie Tanks was a group developed from the 5100 and 4100 series and had a higher boiler pressure.  If you want a recording that would be close if not identical you could use a recording from them as a number have been returned to working order.  The boiler pressure should not make much difference to the sound perhaps a larger bark  but  a 12.5% difference in boiler pressure would be like comparing a 6100 series after a climb with a 4100/5100 series on the flat would anybody know the difference? 

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