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Dinorwic Port Class Quarrey Hunslet Question

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Good evening all.


I am building a Port Class Hunslet (based on Michael) from a 16 mm 3D printed/laser cut acrylic kit. The kit is quite generic/ basic, but provides an excellent basis for adding detail.

I am trying to find dimensions and details of parts on Port Class Hunslets. In normal times a trip to Statfold with a camera and tape measure would have been my preferred option (a good day out too!) but, alas, won't be able to do that for a while.......

In particular, I would like to find out the dimensions of the cab spectacle rings (OD and ID) and drawings, or photos and dimensions of the safety valves and whistle on the dome. Arrangement drawing or photo of the cab interior would also be useful.


Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Any information would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation 

Best Regards


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3 hours ago, Quarryscapes said:

You Need Don Townsley's drawing, it's in Cliff Thomas's Quarry Hunslets book and I believe may have appeared in the model railway press at some point too. I've only got Alice class stuff here at the moment. 



There were three Don Townsley Hunslet Quarry Locomotive articles as follows.


"0-4-0ST Jerry M", MRN, September 1966 p.416.

"0-4-0ST VELINHELI", MRN, November 1966, p.504.

"0-4-0ST No 2", MRN, March 1967, pp.138-140.


I think I am correct in saying that "Michael" was like No 2.







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Michael didn't keep its cab for very long, and I don't recall having seen a photograph with it fitted while working in the quarry, although Cliff Thomas's text says there is a 1948 photograph showing a cab fitted. It was probably removed about 1950.


Don Townley's drawing of No. 2 in Quarry Hunslets of North Wales is superb, and I recommend you either get a copy of this book or the appropriate issue of MRN. In the book it is at a convenient scale of 8 mm/ft. The cab spectacles are about 15" diameter (the apperture appears to be a little more than this, and the inside of the brass frames a little less), at 30" centres, but it is rather harder describing the whistle and safety valves.


Michael is probably the least photographed of the three locomotives, but there are plenty of photographs online of Dolbadarn (No. 2). From what I can tell, apart from the cab-mounted whistle and a mechanical lubricator, she is still in pretty much original shape (although doubtless many parts have been replaced). However, I admit I have not made a close study. No. 1 now goes by the name of Lady Joan (as it did for a time in the quarry), as I expect you know, and there are photographs of her as well.

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Hi Gents.. Thank you very much for your very helpful replies. I have managed to order a copy of Cliff Thomas's book - out of print long ago, so a second hand copy was quite difficult to find at a sensible price!!  Anyway, success and I am reliably informed it is worth every penny. Here by the weekend.

The kit I am building is, as I said, fairly basic, but ripe for some detailing. It is for running in the garden though, not destined for a showcase. The only things wrong with it really, are that the cab spectacles/ cab front and back don't look right and I will need to make or acquire fundamental, important details such as safety valves, lubricators, reverser lever, etc - hence the need for drawings....and the detailed info and photos in the book.

Jeremy, I have measured the kit and the spectacles and they are only 12" diameter and too far apart... so my initial thoughts were right. Should be fairly easily rectified.

My loco will be called Emily, so it won't be an exact replica of any of the 3 locos in particular - but I want it to be a proper Port Hunslet. I chose Michael as a basis because I like the rivets!! Smokebox has them, tank doesn't and all 3 have cabs now!! ( It might even end up GW green with copper capped chimney and polished brass!! )

Once again, thank you - your replies are much appreciated and have helped get me going.

Best Regards


Chritopher - will reply to your PM shortly - thanks

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I have a complete set of works drawings for a Quarry Hunslet.


Some of them were used by Accucraft for their 7/8ths offering.


I think it's a large Quarry version, but a lot of the parts were interchangeable.



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Hi Mike,  I have a photocopy of a copy of the 1 1/2" GA dwg. for No's 1 & 2 (I don't think Michael is much different) and the front spectacles are shown as 1' 2" i.d.   The safeties are shown as 1 1/2" dia, Ross Pops.

I have attached a scan of the cab cross section which I hope helps.  There are nice clear but undimensioned side views of Lady Joan and cabless Michael in 'Slates to Velinheli'.

I've always had a soft spot for the Port class and, many years ago, also built one in 16mm. Now I have one in 4" scale!  Good luck with your project.




Hunslet  cab dwg.jpg

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4" scale - now that's a proper loco!!


Happy H, Ray, thanks very much for your replies - much appreciated. My copy of Cliff Thomas's book arrived this morning and it is brilliant - some great photos of dismantled locos and Don Townsleys drawings in it are very good for my purposes, especially combined with the extra detail shown on yours above, Ray. I think you are right about common parts HH, the large quarry hunslets were different look and layout though, (bigger Alice??) so might get back to you if I need more info, if I may.

I had thought the safety valves were Ross pops, but confirmation of this and the size, is invaluable, as is the noted 1'2" ID spectacle frame on the drawing.


For now I think I have enough info for a simple model for the garden, but I will keep this thread bookmarked so that I can ask for further help if needed, if you gentlemen don't mind.  Once you start detailing, where do you stop!?  

The arrangement of the cab interior is probably the bit I have least knowledge of, although the above drawing clarifies reverser/brake standard arrangement. Good cab interior photos are rare. 


I will have a look at Slates to Velinheli, although I am still smarting a bit at £40 for a second hand copy of Quarry Hunslets of North Wales!!! Pleased that it is so good and worth it. The trouble is, I am getting drawn in to the charms of these lovely, characterful little engines, so......


Thanks again to all who have taken the trouble to reply and offer help,

Best regards


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