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Foyers - The Great Glen Late 1960's

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I took the brave/daft route of cutting a full point down to make a catch point. I also removed one long sleeper and soldered in a strip of  C&L copperclad as the previous one I did, made the stock rails a bit loose. It’s not a cheap option but once painted, looks the part. 






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Thanks for that, I have looked at your thread a few times and wondered about chopping down a turnout. At first it seems OTT but the more you think about it and put it into context again other options (kit or scratch build) it does seem a more viable option. In the grand scheme of things your probably talking a tenner more than a ready made unit even if I t existing. 

I’d thought I had seen one somewhere like Marcway but I think I may have inadvertently been looking at O gauge.


Out of interest, have you cut yours in the place you have because that’s the length you wanted or because that’s the first place you can cut without damaging the through rail or to miss something else?

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I cut it there because having stared at them through the front window of the cab for 7 years, I felt it looked right. What I have noticed is that none of the ones on the routes I sign are like the Peco one so this “seems” right. It could have been a bit shorter but only by a few sleepers. 

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4 hours ago, Eddie R v2.0 said:

I cut it there because having stared at them through the front window of the cab for 7 years, I felt it looked right. What I have noticed is that none of the ones on the routes I sign are like the Peco one so this “seems” right. It could have been a bit shorter but only by a few sleepers. 

Thanks, I must admit my initial thought was to think they should look more like the Peco one but having looked on various photos (particularly West Highland etc) they are all 2 switch blades not one. The one thing from some quick research is they all seem to be different arrangements, lengths, angles etc. Modern ones are probably standard designs now but in the 60’s and 70’s I expect they were more bespoke.



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A quiet week after the recent good weather, but late last week some more Bullhead turnouts arrived.   I was still undecided what to do about the catch points and whether to have a full turnout or not. After laying out the track a full unit took up too much space.


I decided to take some brave pills and cut up a Bullhead turnout as suggested above by Eddie R. Generally it has worked well with one issue, as mentioned the units are quite flexible and after cutting the through rails the rails moved and dislodged the point mechanism and spring. I managed to get the rails back (sort of), but wasn't convinced the would operate properly. I dropped some superglue on the last few chairs at each end to hold the rails but couldn't get the points to swing reliably so took the decision to drop some glue on and set them open.


Obviously they now won't work but will hopefully work reliably. In hindsight I should have glued the rail ends before cutting which may have helped.


Despite this set back I am really pleased with how they have turned out and after testing no problems encountered.










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Little has happened on the layout over the last few weeks other than fixing of backscene boards and a couple of running sessions to test things. The other reason is I've been waiting for the shops to re-open to get the final 2 turnouts for the yard/smelter turnback and other scenic bits and pieces.


I have though started my unhelpful trait of commencing multiple projects at once:-


Firstly, a month or so back I purchased the Pop Up Designs wooden laser cut kit of Rannoch station, this was done knowing it wasn't quite what I wanted (mainly too big) and lacked a bit of relief and detail for something so prominent at the front of the layout. After fitting it up 'loose' I came up with the optimum place to cut a section out and removed about 80mm, tis also meant cutting the roof sections and making some new slots to take formers etc. I wanted something that represented the West Highland/NBR style but a bit more subtle like the smaller building that used to be at Craigendoran.


Now I've got to the model shop and got some plastruct strips I have started to detail the wooden framing and overlaying slaters embossed brick to give a finer look - I'm quite happy with the results so far although I have not yet decided whether to leave the upper render section as the base wood or cover it with a textured plastic sheet.









Also I have commenced some wagon projects after getting a bunch of Parkside kits on eBay - I've made a start whilst the weather has been warmer - so far a 20t tube, Vanwide and Dapol Prestwin have been started and I have refurbished an unused Plate wagon. 


Researching the Aluminium finished products it looked like they were all transported in Tube and Pipe wagons as made by Parkside and Bachmann but I've also found some really good photo's on Earnie's site of Plate wagons from Invergordon. I'm hoping where possible to use kits rather than RTR and also have some interesting builds to come with a clue in the photos attached above.









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I have been continuing with the wagon building bug, first up is the old Dapol Presflo kit - in essence a test to see whether it can scrub up well enough against the Bachmann model - considering you get 3 for the price of 1. I can't finish until I get some more superglue to fix the brass pipes etc but I am pretty happy to date.




Next up, a little more adventurous is this; a Slaters NER Coal hopper converted to an Alumina wagon, strangely Slaters do the Alumina wagon in O gauge but not OO. There is a drawing on RMWeb that helps a little although conversion so far has been fairly simple. The tricky bits to come are walkways and the hatches on the roof. Link below to the real thing that appear to have lasted to the late 60's and there are distant shots of trains with generally 1 of these mixed in with Covhops and Presflo's.






I've also completed the backscene board in the loft, along with getting the last 2 turnouts I needed allow most of the track to be finished although not yet glued down. I have decided to add an extra 'private' siding for the smelter which will add to some shunting interest. 







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Following a trip to the model and DIY shops yesterday I have stocked up on Plastruct sections and various glues so could get back onto the station.


I have now completed all the timber framing, brick lower sections and glued the end pieces together and onto the flat roof underside. Luckily this seems to have cured the slight warp on the roof. A few (cruel) close ups but I am pretty happy. I have now started on what will be the tricky bit which is around the bay windows. I hav’nt quite worked out yet how to get the bigger window posts in and fill the big gaps.













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A bit more completed on the station building. The whole main building halves have been glued together and I’ve completed most of the bottom sections of the bay windows, these were fiddly but not particularly difficult just needed a bit of patience with the ledges etc.


I’ve also attempted the first bay window frames, larger section of Plastruct pushed into the opening and filed a little on the inside where needed. All seems to have gone ok but I did start with the best fitting gaps!


Photo attached of an unfinished one for comparison. Again very close up photo looks much worse than to the naked eye.









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