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Gippeswky Road - Ipswich station and Freightliner yard in N

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After much delay I am now pleased to present the start of Gippeswky Road, an N Gauge layout based on Ipswich station and Freightliner depot and set around 2015. 


The layout is a 4m by 1m tail chaser with the fiddle yard hidden under a scenic hillside replicating the landscape of the real location.   


DCC Train control and accessory electronics are with MERG modules (https://www.merg.org.uk/) and the layout is intended to be fully automated via JMRI on a PC.  Sound will be provided by external room speakers using JMRI Virtual Sound Decoder.  


I will update here as the build progress and if I film anything that might be interesting I'll upload to Youtube.


The track plan:




The real location:




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Hi good choice of prototype as a basis of a layout.


How closely will you be following the real train operation or will it be more freelance in terms of operation?





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Thanks for the replies.  It will be kept as close to reality as possible with stock based around actual movements in the mid 2010's, although the occasional fictional steamy might make a visit. 


I have a collection of location appropriate stock,  quite a few 66's, 70, 86, 90s, 92, 156, and a 350 that will be converted to 360.  I also have a 321 on order from Revolution Trains. 


The passenger stock will be repainted to the white/red Abellio Greater Anglia livery accept the 360 which will be in the blue with white stripe.


The first stock was acquired 5 years ago but as always work and life commitments kept me busy, but I am now, finally, in a position to actually build something!

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Hi there,


I have always liked the look of stations with a third through road, and Ipswich has the perfect scenic break at one end!  Thanks for posting.




Ben A.

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Posted (edited)

Embarrassed to post this but does anyone else have a layout looking like this!  


The frame was put together over a year ago but since then has become a storage for shelf for all manor of detritus. 


You can at least see why the layout is limited to 4m, that being the width of the room.  As a result the track plan is not a true model of Ipswich which needs nearer 5 meters in length and more depth to create a true scale replica.  I have needed to compress the track plan to fit the space available but hope Gippeswky Road will still be a pretty close facsimile.



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