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post i put up, showing in thread but not on timeline and no feedback

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while posting last night via my mobile the reply i posted stopped uploading, the progress bar stopped for about a minute and i got a rmweb server error message screen, however when i came back to it a little later and i noticed the post had actually gone up as per normal


this morning however on the time line it was showing as the last post in my thread was 21 hours ago and the expanded view showed what id written at the start of that message however when i clicked on the thread the later post from last night was showing as an "unread post" however there were no reactions to it, normally i get someone liking it within a few minutes, also refreshing the page still kept it as "unread"


ive ended up editing the original post to show it blank (with and explanation why) and cut and paste the wording into a new post that is now showing up as normal, and has likes after 10 mins so i suspect the original post may not have actually been visible to anyone other than me 


this is a link to the post below it, can anyone see the post above that says: EDIT: posting went funny while uploading!



EDIT: just seen andy's status update, i suspect it may have been something to do with the server restart at 02:00 this morning, wonder if other posts are showing to the author but not actually visible to others?


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