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Maunsell Green

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In researching colors for SR locos and passenger rolling stock I have seen major differences between shades of Maunsell Olive Green. My new Wainwright 4-4-0 is a true olive green. However my Bachmann PLV is a dark green. Then following up on this difference I found Paint Man offering both a light olive green and a dark olive green. This would seem to explain the visual differences I noted. Now can anyone sort out for me when, where, and on which equipment these different colors of Maunsell olive green would have been used? Thanks—Larry

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There were two olive greens. Light olive which was used very early after grouping. Then the dark olive, which was used from about grouping until after the livery change in 1936. Coaches were also painted green, but initially was somewhere between light and dark. But I do believe this turned into dark olive green fairly early on. Then lasted until after the 1936 change again. 

But do not get too hung up on what the true colour was. It changed depending on number of coats of varnish, how old it was. If based by the coast, it tended to go to the blue side of green, and elsewhere towards the yellow side. Cleaning or lack of clean also had an effect. Even lighting conditions made it look different.


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