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  1. The phrase used was “We also ask that our lineside neighbours ensure that their fencing is secure to prevent human, or animal incursions onto the track.” .......... so would seem to apply to ALL adjacent landowners and not specifically those who keep tortoises.
  2. They seem to be failing to take responsibility for maintaining the fences that their predecessors were required to erect in accordance with appropriate Acts of Parliament before each line could be built.
  3. Also begs the question of how on earth you['re supposed to reach the top one to fold it one way or t'other !!?!
  4. Indeed - but Network Fail don't specify any sort of animal ( elephants might be a problem too - as would be some types of sub-human who they, presumably, include ) ..... but the implication seems to be that the fence is the legal responsibility of the landowners outside that fence rather than "the railway" who had to provide it in the first place !
  5. “We also ask that our lineside neighbours ensure that their fencing is secure to prevent human, or animal incursions onto the track.” ........... is it no longer the railway company's responsibility to look after lineside fencing ??!?
  6. Two months later ! - almost. Heading for Winchester* last Monday (15th), my first train should have been the 15.44 from Hayes - but the 15.29 was still there when I arrived. The driver advised that there had been a bridge strike between Elmers End and Eden Park ........ anyone know anything more ? * Winchester was reached by bus to Addington Interchange, tram to East Croydon, 377 to Clapham Junction, 159 to Blazingsmoke and 444 for the last leg.
  7. Yep - the Syphon Gs worked pretty well everywhere in BR days ..... the Syphon Js had regular workings onto Southern Railway territory in earlier days. Mailvans ? - now that's an interesting one : one ( I think ) ex GWR TPO vehicle was allocated to the Southern Region and appropriately painted in BR green !
  8. Careful ! ...... steel ain't cast iron : IF a plate were cast in steel it would weigh somewhere between the iron one and the brass one - not recommended to drop any of them on yer toe ! 🥴
  9. ... and my EFE 'Booster' can haul .................. Oh !, hang about, you're talking about imposter class 70s ! 🤪
  10. Dare I say something that's NOT been produced elsewhere in the last 20 years. ( Though I think I've said that before - just like most of the ideas on this thread have been said before.)
  11. Indeed - earlier photos of the Belle inevitably show the big twelve-wheeled brakes for carrying the mountains of luggage appropriate to this train ... but they were getting rather elderly and I guess their wooden-frames bogies deemed to be out of date - or just too expensive to maintain when alternative vehicles were available.
  12. Don't forget the 'Cromptons' were only type 3s and might have struggled with a heavy train like the Belle - especially when diverted 'over the Alps' !
  13. Needless to say the chocolate and cream ones matched the Pullmans quite well - but the (G)WR had to have them back once they realised the Southern had 'borrowed' them.
  14. It's probably no worse than recent Peckett, Sentinel or Bagnall 0-4-0s from elsewhere ........... but it's still not a prototype matter !
  15. Unfortunately some are so busy jabbering away to themselves that the rest of us struggle to hear what's being said. ☹️
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