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Hornby Class 60 Body-shell Issues?

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Hi all,


I’m currently having issues with my Hornby Class 60. I’m in the process of changing over from DC, to DCC and I have recently chipped my Class 60.

Removing the body-shell was a simple, however I am having issues refitting the body. 

No matter how hard I try, the body will just not fit properly onto the chassis. If I push one end down, the other end pops up slightly, leaving a small gap under the cabs.


Does anyone have any ideas how to sort this out? 

I have attached some photos showing the issue in more detail.


Thanks in advance!



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Have you put the decoder on top of the loco's PCB? Sounds to me as if its too high not allowing the body to seat properly.


I place my decders on a piece of plastic that I fit into the recesses at the 'empty' end of the chassis. This stops the decoder and harness from fouling the cardan shaft below, as well as providing an ideal place to fit your decoder loose or secured.20210814_000527.jpg.0babeda08815fc023354231c209b56dd.jpg

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It's not usually the decoder height that's the issue, it's the way that the chassis ends/floors are fitted up inside the cabs. It is a very tight fit.

I find that the chassis has to exactly dead central with the body or the floor moulding catches the body and it can take a bit of longitudinal "shuffling" of the body and chassis to make it fit

One solution is to shave a very small amount (less than 0.5mm) off the plastic floor that is screwed to the chassis casting before refitting the body.

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