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........ got his wife on board and she has got him building ships.


It's unusual, but can happen. This spring I took my other half to the model village at Bekonscot. When we arrived, she was very reluctant to consider even one building in the garden (my line is 16mm NG outdoors), but we left with a "To build" list, in her handwriting, that covered 2 sides of notepaper. Likewise a tidy-up of a cupboard a couple of months ago led to the discovery of a Lilliput HOe train-pack (U1 class and 3 Murtalbahn coaches). These were put on display in the living room (without my intervention or suggestion, I might add) and the 'to do' list now features a Murtalbahn-inspired portable layout as soon as we can agree on where it will live. Now I know how Doctor Frankenstein felt when he threw the switch and watched his creation lurch out into the world. I'm sure there are many of you who've wished for a bit more sympathy or even enthusiasm from your other half when trying to find home or budget for the hobby, but be careful what you wish for.....

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