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First time Weathering

Earl Bathurst

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Well I cant see to much of a problem there at all!wink.gif


Have you tried using a flat brush, dipped in thinners, then wiped off so its almost dry to streak the weathered finish?


Its a bit like reverse dry brushing, the brush only needs the tiniest hint on.


It gives some great effects, and I think the tender and the nose of the Peak would look great with it.


Airbrushing is great, but sometimes you can get a 'dusty high summer look' which is brills, but sometimes doesn't reflect the water and steam associated with, well steam.yes.gif

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Not at all bad for a first go. How about the clean bits of cab windows where the wipers would sweep. I would also be tempted to make the roof more dirty to make the exhaust less prominent. Many diesel weathering jobs - IMO - are spoilt by simply spraying grime around the exhaust, boiler exhaust and fan areas, with no other roof weathering. Exhaust would also tend to be directional - i.e. more along the loco, rather than across it.






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