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Trooperslane Station. Dimension details sought for model.

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Way back in 1975 when Trooperslane station was being demolished, I took some black and white photographs and made some measurements with a view to someday building a model of this wonderful station.


Sadly, nearly 40 years later I cannot find my pictures or notes.






Photograph by The Turfburner, used with the following permission: http://creativecommo...nses/by-sa/2.0/


Full details here:




Does anyone have any basic dimensions of this building ( I can guestimate the remainder from photographs) or even proper drawings? I would gladly pay any expenses involved in copying etc if necessary.

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If you're ever in Belfast at some point, there are three sources you might want to try.


1. The Linenhall Library, and possibly also Belfast Central Library, has a copy of this book:


McCutcheon, W.A. (1984) The Industrial Archaeology of Northern Ireland, Rutherford, N.J. : Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, ISBN 0-8386-3125-8


It has numerous photos of railways stations and at least some also have drawings; not sure about Trooperslane specifically but would expect it got at least some coverage.


2. The Dept of the Environment's Historic Monuments & Buildings Branch has the (and I quote from their website) 'Industrial Heritage Record [which] lists more than 16,000 features, but only limited information is currently available for most. A number of sites, however, have much more detailed information available as they have been surveyed as part of the systematic second survey of historic buildings in Northern Ireland. The site information can be accessed through the Industrial Heritage Database in the Monuments and Buildings Record (MBR).

Also accessible in the Monuments and Buildings Record is the extensive McCutcheon Industrial Heritage collection, which is held on loan from the Public Record Office. This collection consists of over 27,000 black and white photographs and a colour slide collection taken by Prof. W. A. McCutcheon during his comprehensive industrial heritage survey of Northern Ireland in the 1960s, as well as his associated notes and papers. This work involved detailed inspections, assessments and documentation of much of the material remains of 18th and 19th century industry and communications existing in the province at that time and culminated in the publication of 'The Industrial Archaeology of Northern Ireland' in 1980'


When I consulted this back in the 1990s it was in Hill Street, off Lower North Street in central Belfast and I managed to get photocopies of Dr McCutcheon's numerous photos of York Road station, inside and out. I'm sure he will have photographed Trooperslane with equal care.


3. Belfast Central Library has NI Ordnance Survey maps from every few years/survey date. In particular, they have sets from 1960-61 in a scale (can't recall exactly what one) large enough to show station building and track layouts in reasonable detail. The only problem is getting them centred on an A4 photocopier!


Good Hunting!

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