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My next task for Llanfyllin is the Goods Shed, quite a big project. I also need to build the cattle dock, however as that will be fitted directly into the platform surface which is rather securely fitted to a 4 x 2ft baseboard.

I am on my way out to the shed now for an hour to build some gates for behind the station building.

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Photo taken in 2010




Photo from 2009



Photo from late 60's.



I need to do some measuring and brick counting to make a rough model to make sure it will fit onto the track work which has already been laid.

This model will be at the front of the layout covering a baseboard join, so will need to be removable

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Good Day Mr Brunel or is it Terry ?


Thought it was about time someone helped to get your link on its way, so here goes !

I like the building as depicted in the 60's where it has a smaller and probably original lean-too , there is some interesting brickwork

which if it could be realistically modeled would add character to the end result. It is difficult to make out but does it have a slate roof ?

I hope John explained exactly what your sign means, we wouldn't want anything rude on the link ,would we ? I don't have a clue what it means

I look forward to an update as and when, and wish you good luck in the competition.






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As John has said there is some interesting brickwork under the plate and on the gable. What era are youbuilding this?


Good luck with your build.

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