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(Modern image) 90"s to 2000 Diesel Loco"s...


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Been while due to having lots of commission weathering on workbench.

but now ive started another depot scratch build for my Colmore east repair works..

please follow my new project build leave comments below...




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Another long but fun update here,between my commission weathering work.

ive now got few more hours done on my own modelling.

so its full on with my scratch build two road diesel depot..

1)so far ive built over head rolling crane.

2) wall mounted electric boxs

3)depot cables and pipe works..




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Few more from this evenings modelling on the depot,outside pipe works and rust along cladding..

also roof detailing and painting..



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9 minutes ago, saxokid said:

More static grass making on grease proof paper and frozen coloured crayon powders :locomotive:

more trackside flowers made simple..



Not sure what that looks like, but I wouldn't want to eat it.:laugh:

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