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A quick interim update from Rumney Models before the next major set of releases in September.


Firstly a couple of new items in the form of Express Dairy milk tank plates in both 4mm and 7mm scales. These include both the company plate and the distinctive round number plate that was attached to the baulks at the tank ends. The numbers were Express Dairy’s own fleet numbers and were generally grouped according to who built the milk tank. If you want something specific then please inquire or else you will get a random number picked from the box they are in. The plates are etched on 0.1mm stainless steel and nicely complement the United Dairies/Unigate plates released last year. Details on the 4mm plates can be found here, and the 7mm ones here.




Prices are £2.50 a set for the 4mm version and £3.50 a set for the 7mm ones.


Secondly Rumney Models is moving house. The new address for all postal correspondence is as follows:


3 Warren Terrace



NP25 4PH


The house move will mean that I won’t be able to process any orders from now until the week commencing the 17th. Please bear this in mind. I will be able to respond to emails during this period though there may be some delay in doing so.


Also a reminder that Rumney Models will be at Larkrail on the 15th July. I look forward to seeing some of you there.



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Scaleforum is just around the corner and that means a new set of releases from Rumney Models.


The ‘headline act’ this time is an underframe kit for the BR unfitted Grampus (B.34 - £15). This includes replacement baskets and door spring and step detailing for the body. For those who don’t want to go to the extent of building a complete replacement underframe the baskets, solebar and body side door springs along with the corner steps are available on their own as a detailing pack (B.109 - £3.50).





There is a new underframe for RCH 21T Morton brakes hoppers (B.29 - £13), covering mainly private owner types and also a 17’6” x 9’ Morton brake underframe (B.32 - £11) for grouping era general merchandise wagons.


To compliment the underframes are screw couplings (B.96 - £1.50). These are etched on 0.015” nickel silver to try and give a more prototypically robust appearance and come in sets of 4 with various length links. Completing the etched products are CSB carrier tags to suit Brassmasters hornblocks (X.03 - £1.50).


The range of whitemetal springs and axleboxes continues to expand with RCH 2 part, LMS 2 part, LMS vertical Platefront, LNER cast and LNER welded axleboxes combined with 5 leaf springs along with LMS 2 part, LMS vertical Platefront, LMS sloping Platefront and LNER cast axleboxes combined with the LMS 7 leaf spring as fitted to wagon with the LMS clasp brake. All types come in packs of 4 castings which cost £2.50.




Lastly are castings and etched details for later type BR Bogie Bolster C bolsters. These distinctive bolsters were fitted from around 1954 and can be used to detail the Bachmann model. There are two types covering diagrams 1/474 & 1/477 (F.03A - £6.50) and 1/475 (F.03B - £6.50). Each set consists of 4 cast bolsters with etched bolster pins and D links.




Further details on all of the above can be found via the Latest Releases page on my website.


Also just to reiterate that Rumney Models moved in July of this year. The new address for all postal correspondence is as follows:


3 Warren Terrace



NP25 4PH


I hope to see some of you at Scaleforum,


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Scaleforum is just around the corner and that means a new set of releases from Rumney Models.


The ‘headline act’ this time is an underframe kit for the BR unfitted Grampus (B.34 - £15). This includes replacement baskets and door spring and step detailing for the body. For those who don’t want to go to the extent of building a complete replacement underframe the baskets, solebar and body side door springs along with the corner steps are available on their own as a detailing pack (B.109 - £34).




Are you sure about that £34?



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Happy New year to all. 


Having had a review of Rumney Models trading operations I've decided to have a bit of a spring clean of the catalogue. Nothing immediate but some items are now slated for withdrawl and others will only be available in minimum quantities. Details are in my New Year's update on the Rumney Models website which can be found via this link.




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Spring is in the air and Scalefour North just around the corner which means a new set of releases from Rumney Models.


A couple of eagerly awaited commission projects reach fruition and are released.


Firstly there is a loco chassis for the MR/LMS/BR 1P 0-4-4T (X.04 - £38). This is a modern chassis designed to go under the craftsman body. It is designed to be fully sprung and can be built in P4, EM and OO. It features full brakegear, dummy inside motion, 3D printed details and a removable keeper plate with cosmetic driving wheel springs.




The second commission project is for a set of fully sprung diesel bogies for the all wheel drive Hornby BR class 31 (X.02 - £33). This is slightly different from my previous diesel bogies as it features guitar wire leaf suspension for both primary and secondary springs. The bogies are almost entirely self contained meaning little modification is required to the Hornby chassis block. Includes custom High Level skinny hornblocks.


Another project that has been rumbling on for a while also sees the light of day though this time a home one. Finally available are my sprung freight bogies. The first couple of releases cover GWR standard and heavy duty types (G.04 & G.05 - £12). They feature etched sideframes and bolster with cast whitemetal bolster springs and journals. BR types will be added to the catalogue soon and there will be a very small number available from the stand at Scalefour North.





Other items newly released include an underframe for the Chivers GWR & SR Tunny (B.35 - £13.50) and an S Scale RCH 17’6” x 9’ Morton brake wagon underframe (SB.32 - £18). Also released are additional parts to convert my anchor mount tank wagon chassis (B.71) to other variants. These cover 14T wagons with RCH axleguards (B.72 - £2.50), 20T wagons with BR Plate axleguards (B.73 - £2.50) and 20T wagons with RCH HD axleguards (B.74 - £2.50).


I hope to see some of you at Scalefour North,



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Another a new set of releases from Rumney Models to report on.


The ‘headline act’ this time round is a pair of kits for RCH 1927 tank wagon underframes. They are available with either 10’ (B.75) or 9’ (B.76) wheelbase and are £14 each. These are suitable for tank wagons built from around 1927 until the last of the Air Ministry tanks were built in the mid 1940s. The obvious current starting point for a body is the Bachmann cradle mounted tank wagon. These chassis don’t include any detailing for the body such as ladders.




To complement the above chassis and for those wishing to upgrade the Bachmann cradle mounted tank wagon model without resorting to building a new underframe there is a detailing kit (B.113 - £4.50). This includes two sets of different ladders, brake levers, brake lever guards, tie bars, valve wheel, tank straps and outside solebar crosshead tie down brackets. There are sufficient parts for 2 wagons.




Having sorted out a casting shortage the BR version of my sprung plate freight bogies are now available. There are two types with either oil (G.01) or roller bearing (G.02) journals. Both types are £12 for a pair. They feature etched sideframes and bolster with cast whitemetal bolster springs and journals.


The new items for are rounded off with yet more spring and axlebox castings.


The 5 leaf spring is now available with an LMS sloping platefront axlebox and the 6 leaf springs with RCH 2 part (perfect for the new tank wagon chassis), LMS sloping platefront (good for pre 1927 tank wagons) and LNER welded (16T minerals) axleboxes. There are also springs and axleboxes for GWR and LMS Stanier brake vans. The GWR brake van springs are the later swing link variety and come with either RCH or BR 2 part heavy duty axleboxes (10” journals). These are suitable for diagrams AA.15 (last batch), AA.19, AA.20, AA.21 and AA.23. All are £3 for a set of 4. For more information and product codes see my website.


I had hoped to have added GWR and LMS milk tank springs and axleboxes to the catalogue this time round but I have practically sold out of those that I ordered and so will add them once I have plenty of stocks (in short I didn’t order enough!). Keep an eye on the website but I would hope to have them for the Portsmouth exhibition in November. I will have a very limited number for sale at Scaleforum for those who are quick.


Not a new item but United Dairies milk tank plates in both 4mm and 7mm scales are now back in stock.


Finally a little vague market research.


When I originally did my sprung coach bogies the idea was to do them as complete bogie kits with sideframes and detail castings. Time and a lack of ability to do the master for castings put paid to the idea and they appeared just as sprung subframes. Recently I have revisited the idea and have done the etches and masters for the BR coach bogie.




The etches cover the original single bolster, standard and heavy duty double bolster bogies as well as the revised versions of the double bolster bogies (the bolsters on the double bolster designs were tweaked early on). They can be built as either riveted or welded bogies and feature two different types of spring stop. Master have been printed for the lighter springs and BR1 axleboxes (used on single and standard double bolster bogies) and heavier springs and BR2 axleboxes used on the heavy duty double bolster bogies as well as the bolster springs. In short a pretty comprehensive kit.




They aren’t necessarily quick (the test build took about 6 hours to put one bogie together) and if you want full length rakes this sort of thing isn’t going to be for you but they do look rather lovely.


So what I’m pondering with all this is whether there is actually a market for these bogies and if so what would the market be prepared to pay? I’m not convinced with the former and I expect the later is only about what they would cost to put in a bag but having done them I thought I’d see if there was any interest? If there isn’t enough interest they won’t be released.


I hope to see some of you at Scaleforum next weekend,



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Potential 7mm Scale Anchor Mount Tanks Wagons




I was asked via another forum if I would do something for anchor mounted tank wagons in 7mm scale. Consequently drawing work has been completed for two types of underframe and also two diameters of tanks, 7’3” and 6’7”. The kits would principally be for fuel oil tanks though the underframes could be used for other types such as bitumen tanks. As the bitumen types were insulated and had different anchor mountings they would need different bodies and fittings which I am not considering doing at this time. Below you will find further details on the etches and some pdfs of the frets. There is also a note about fittings.


I am proposing to only put these into production if there is sufficient demand to do so (see prices and ordering below). The deadline for ordering is the beginning of next month and currently I have orders with payment for 8 underframes and 8 bodies which is short of the required number. If you are interested in a decent 7mm scale anchor mount tank wagon then please continue reading.




These follow the same basic design as my 4mm version and are sprung using guitar wire leaf springs. The chassis is a fold up sandwich type affair with spacers between. They will be etched on 0.4mm brass. There are two kits:


OB.71 14T underframe with BR type axleguards

OB.74 20T underframe with RCH heavy duty type axleguards


This covers the vast majority of fuel oil tanks built with anchor mountings.


Tank Bodies Parts


These include everything to build the bodies, except for the tank wrappers which can easily be made from 0.010” sheet. This can be summarised as the saddles and anchors, tank formers, Class B drain valve parts, ladders and walkways. Again they will be etched in 0.4mm brass apart from the mesh or chequer plate used on the walkways which will be etched in 0.010” brass. I will do dimensioned drawings for the wrappers in the instructions. There are two kits:


OC.71 7’3” tank parts

OC.72 6’7” tank parts




The four kits can be combined to produce most of the fuel oil tanks built from around 1947. These are summarised as follows:


OB.71 + OC.71          14T Class A Tanks      14T underframe + 7’3” tank

OB.71 + OC.72          14T Class B Tanks      14T underframe + 6’7” tank

OB.74 + OC.71          20T Class B Tanks      20T underframe + 7’3” tank




As I am doing these wagons in 4mm scale for myself I have been gradually drawing up 3D artwork to go with the etches. This includes tank ends; manholes; Class B screwdown valves, discharge valves and steam heat manifolds, Class A siphon block and associated vents and of course the spring and axleboxes. If I get enough orders for this project to go ahead I will look at producing them in 7mm scale to go with the kits. This may well be in the form of whitemetal castings from 3D printed masters rather than straight 3D prints, I will need to look at prices. There is no definitive timescale or price yet for these but if the bodies go ahead then they will be done sooner rather than later.








Prices and Ordering


The underframes are going to be £30 each and the body parts £25 each. In order to go ahead with the etches I'll need confirmed orders with payment for 15 underframes (in total, there can be a mixture of the two and it doesn’t matter to me if it’s 14 of one and 1 or another) and 15 sets of body etches (again in total with a mix of the two). The underframe and body parts aren’t dependent on each other to go ahead but you must say if you don’t want the underframes without the bodies when ordering. Hopefully this will avoid any issues if there is insufficient demand for the bodies.


My preferred method of payment is by cheque, made payable to “Justin Newitt” not Rumney Models (!) and sent to the address below. These will not be cashed until there are sufficient orders to proceed. If we do not reach the required number I will simply return the cheques. Rather than leaving this open ended I intend to set a deadline of 6th April to order these kits. If we get enough orders to go ahead then I will get the etches done as soon as this happens rather than waiting until April and the parts will then join main Rumney Models 7mm range; if not payments will be returned. Payment can also be arranged by bank transfer (email me for details) but the payee’s bank account details must also be included for returning the money in case of insufficient take up and payments via Paypal (again email me for details) will attract a surcharge; this will be 4% for UK orders and 6% for overseas.


This arrangement is not ideal but I have already spent a lot of time reworking the 4mm artwork and do not wish to do anything further until such time as I know I’m going to be paid for that time and the further work that needs to be done, i.e. instructions and tank wrapper drawings as well as paying for the tooling and the etches themselves.


Justin Newitt


Rumney Models

3 Warren Terrace



NP25 4PH

[email protected]



7mm Anchor Mount Tank Wagon Bodies - OC.71 7.3 Foot Tank RM181123C.pdf

7mm Anchor Mount Tank Wagon Bodies - OC.72 6.7 Foot Tank RM181123D.pdf

7mm Anchor Mount Tank Wagon Underframes - OB.71 14T BR Anchor Mount Tank Underframe RM-181123A.pdf

7mm Anchor Mount Tank Wagon Underframes - OB.74 20T RCH Anchor Mount Tank Underframe RM181123B.pdf

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Latest News - April 2019


April is upon us already and Scalefour North is just round the corner which means a new round of Rumney Models releases. Due to other demands on my time there is a smaller than usual number of them.


First up is a detailing fret for 10’ Morton brake wagons (B.114 - £4.50). This was done by request and is intended to upgrade Bachmann and Parkside, etc wagons. The fret includes both GWR and RCH brake lever guards along with brake levers, new vees, open wagon door springs (two types), solebar and headstock detailing, lamp irons, coupling hooks and Instanter links. There are sufficient parts for 2 wagons.


Spring and axlebox castings are now available for GWR and LMS milk tanks. These are for milk tanks fitted with oil journals rather than roller bearings. The GWR type is available with either BR or RCH 2 part axleboxes. Note that this variation applies to the outer axles only, the centre axles on all GWR milk tanks fitted with oil journals were an RCH type. All are £5 for a set of 6 and include and etch for the riveted axlebox guide fitted to the outer two axles. For more information and product codes see my website.




A couple of items that were previously withdrawn have been reinstated. LNER steel open stanchions and detailing (B.101 - £3) and the Ratio LMS van strapping and detailing (B.105 - £1). Both of these items will remain in the catalogue until current stock levels are exhausted. Further details can be found here.


As has been noted elsewhere a few kits from the Miscellany Models range created by Mark Tatlow will be available from the Rumney Models exhibition stand at Scalefour North. These are as follows:


  • Highland Railway/LMS/BR diagram 51 full brake (£48)
  • Fully sprung Fox coach bogies (£16 per pair)
  • MR/LMS/BR: Diagram 530 passenger brake (£36)
  • NER/LNER/BR: Diagram P7 hopper wagon detailing etch (£13.50 - sufficient for 2 wagons)

Please note that I will not be supplying these kits mail order, they are ONLY available from Rumney Models at the exhibitions I’m attending. All mail order and general product enquiries should be directed to Mark and you should visit the Miscellany Models website for contact details and further information on the kits.


And finally a quick mention of a couple of items that will see the light of day in the autumn round of releases. Work on the complete BR Mk1 bogie kit has been completed; samples for the castings approved and the production mould ordered, leaving just the instructions left to write. They won’t be of any use to those who need rakes of the things (likely cost and the amount of time needed to build them would count against that) but if you only need a few and want a fully sprung bogie that isn’t too wide and looks the part then they may be of interest.




Also scheduled for release is a sprung subframe for 8’6” Gresley coach bogies. I have yet to determine prices for both of these items.


I look forward to seeing some of you in Wakefield.



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Autumn is fast approaching and this one will bring a bumper crop of new releases from Rumney Models. Instead of leaving everything to the last minute as usually seems to happen I thought I’d let everyone know what will be coming their way in a few weeks a little more in advance this time. Further details and prices will be announced a little closer to the time when the next catalogue is issued but the following will be available at Scaleforum. All are 4mm scale and are only suitable for EM/P4 unless stated otherwise.


GWR/BR(W) P22 ‘Herring’ ballast hopper kit


A full kit for this diminutive ballast hopper which could be found all over the Western region as well as further afield. The kit features a one piece hopper body some built in jigging to help you build it and a full set of castings. The chassis is to the usual Rumney Models spec and includes full brakegear and guitar wire ‘leaf’ spring suspension. It can be built in OO as well as EM and P4.




LNER Gresley 8’6” Standard Duty Coach Bogie Subframe


These are something that has been a work in progress for a good while; a fully sprung subframe for the distinctive Gresley bogie. The kit specifically covers the 8’6” standard duty bogies. 8’ and 8’6” heavy duty bogies are options for future releases depending on sales. A neat solution for the visible cosmetic wheel leaf springs is included. Can be used currently with RTR plastic sideframes or MJT castings.


BR Coach Bogies (for Mk1 stock)


A complete kit for the standard duty 1950s BR Mk1 coach bogie. The kit has options that cover single bolster bogies and double bolster bogies, either in their original design or with the revised and strengthened bolster arrangement. Riveted and welded construction is also covered and there are options for welded and riveted spring stops. The only ones you can’t model are the heavy duty ones variety and the few built with compensated brakegear. They are of course fully sprung with guitar wire primary and secondary springing. Castings are included for the 6 leaf springs/BR1 axleboxes and the bolster springs and hangers.




Not for those who want rakes and rakes of the things but an option for some who only needs a few but wants a bogie that the right kind of width and looks a bit special.


GER Y14/LNER J15 Underframe


A modern, fold up, CSB’d underframe designed for use with the Alan Gibson J15 kit. The kit includes complete dummy inside motion and full brake gear. A number of options are covered including square and bevel bottom fireboxes as well as those converted from the former to the later, different length brake shoe brackets, steam and Westinghouse air brakegear, Sharp Stewart brakes for the first batch built and fluted or plain coupling rods.


GER S23 Tender Underframe


To compliment the above a CSB underframe kit for use with the Alan Gibson S23 tender kit. The kit includes a fold up subframe with full brakegear and options for both steam as well as Westinghouse air brakes. Also included are replacement sideframes with options for round or straight top sideframe cut outs.


GER Z14 Tender Underframe


As per the S23 tender kit in concept and again designed for use with the Alan Gibson S23 kit to create an earlier GER tender. The kit includes replacement sideframes with options for deep and shallow sideframe cut outs as well as numerous brakegear arrangements covering steam and Westinghouse fitted tenders.


If any of the above is of interest look out for a further update with prices a week or two before Scaleforum.



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After a mammoth packing session all the items that I announced earlier this month are now in stock. Prices are as follows:

  • E.07 Gresley 8’6” light bogie subframe - £13 per pair
  • E.101 BR coach bogie kit (single and light double bolster for Mk1 stock) - £26 per pair
  • X.07 GER Y14 / LNER J15 loco chassis - £38
  • X.08 GER S23 tender underframe - £13
  • X.09 GER Z.14 tender underframe - £14
  • X.10 GWR / BR(W) P22 ‘Herring’ ballast hopper - £34

As usual with Rumney Models products any springing wire is included. The BR coach bogies (E.101) and P22 hopper (X.10) also include all castings.


All these are included in the latest price list (September 2019) which can now be found on my website via the ordering page.


The S23 and Z14 tender etches will be available in brass as standard but I have a limited number both frets in nickel silver which will be available for a surcharge. You will need to add £1.20 for the S.23 tender and £1.60 for the Z14 tender to the above prices. I also have 1 set of P22 hopper etches in nickel silver which are available for an additional £4.20. Nickel silver seems to be about 40% more expensive at the moment. They are available while stocks last. If you wish to order any of the above nickel silver frets by post please email first to check availability.


Finally a reminder that the following Miscellany Models products will be available from the Rumney Models stand at Scaleforum:

  • Highland Railway/LMS/BR diagram 51 full brake - £48
  • Fully sprung Fox coach bogies - £16
  • MR/LMS/BR Diagram 530 passenger brake - £36
  • NER/LNER/BR Diagram P7 hopper wagon detailing - £13.50

I’ll look forward to seeing some of you at Scaleforum next weekend.



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On 21/09/2019 at 18:09, Porcy Mane said:

"Ay-Thang-Yaw"  (in an Arthur Askey sort of voice).


...and to quote myself the etches have landed.  As ever; they have that resounding quality look about them.


Thanks kindly.


Oh!  I thinks I'll wait for the instructions to be published.  Have a good S4um.


Found em.





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Rumney Models is on the move. This seems to be an almost biennial event but hopefully the following address will remain current for a good while. From now on please direct all mailed correspondence to:


Rumney Models







Given that we are moving there may be a slight delay in mail order services, particularly around this weekend (13th-16th). This also applies to any emails. Normal service will be resumed as quickly as possible.


I’d also like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year. Rumney Models has lots of exciting plans for 2020 so watch this space, as they say.



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Oooh, now this (i.e. the 3D printed stuff) looks like an interesting development.  I do like building Rumney Models stuff, but it has to be said, it's not necessarily a very quick process!  Methods of speeding up builds are therefore of interest (so I can make more of them).  The absolutely key thing though (for me at least) is the "not at the expense of quality".  In the last year or two I've seen quite a lot of new products on the market where people are 3D printing or laser-cutting things simply because the technology allows them to, rather than because it's the most appropriate way of producing a realistic representation of whatever prototype.  In many cases the quality and finesse is just not there IMHO.  Having said that, I'm sure that with the exacting standards that you set yourself, the Rumney Models products will continue to be excellent.  Certainly the trial prints look very good indeed (assuming they're 4mm).  I look forward to seeing further developments.


All the best.


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  • RMweb Gold

Very sorry to hear about this, Justin, my best wishes to you and your family at this difficult time and I'm sure we all look forward to seeing you 'up and running' again in due course.


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