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Keyser Met A class 4-4-0T Loco Kit

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I've been given one of the old K's A Class Met tank kits. Its complete and in good condition, although doesn't contain gears or motor.


I'm in two mind whether to keep it and build it, or get rid of it and put the money to something else. What are peoples opinion of the kit - any fatal flaws with the kit which prevent it being made into a decent working model?


Also does anyone have any idea of what the kit is worth?





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These kits are quite sort after, they can with a bit of work make nice models. Motors were not too good as I believe they have the HMP2 version. The wheels also were not to clever.


Price depends on the the condition of the parts, if they are in a good condition just let people bid against each other to push up the price

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I built one in P4, but used the IKB chassis kit, which I believe is still available.


The Keysers chassis is not really up to it.


Not too bad a kit, considering how old it is, but the white metal is very soft so easily distorted - not helped by the shrink-wrapped way the old Keysers kits were packed..


If you ever get a chance to see the P4 London Road layout they often run one (albeit as the LNWR version). I seem to remember John Redrup told me they built their own chassis for it though.

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