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Final Batch off Serco Abellio/Northern Purple & Blue 144s

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Just arrived are the final 250 off each of 144012 Northern Serco/Abellio & 144007 Northern Purple & Blue Class 144s.


After pre-orders we probably have about 130 off each spare, please don't wait too long to order, the Website will be going LIVE for ordering these two items shortly.


See www.realtrackmodels.co.uk for more details.




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either of standard Regional Railways 144011 or 144013 would also be fantastic. Sound added would be brilliant too.


Failing that, its the next 143s im after.... but god when it comes to 142s i expect im ordering batches of them in regular intervals off you!

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You would need to add eccentric bearings on the axles to get the full authentic ride effect. My 144s run so smoothly you'd think they were on bogies.


Another vote for the original Metro-train red and cream, please!

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I'd like to see the original WYPTE livery as in the photo above, just as a I remember them when they came into service (and my chosen modelling period). Was around from entry into service right through the 1990s, so a good period of time and hence appeal. Destinations for the York - Harrogate - Leeds loop with the cherry on top.

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Can I just add that in addtion to the original WYPTE livery, some destinations for the Hull to Scarborough service, which these units were also used on from new. I remember some nice bouncy rides on them!


All the best



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