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This is going to be more ramblings rather than updates at the moment, as Im still to pick up some vital parts such as wheels/motors and drive so concentrating on the body at the moment


and also need a decent new soldering iron so cant do nothing without that,


so its going to be research as we go along at the moment.



Firstly, Ive got a good selection of archive pics on the computer which Ive been collecting from the web, but until I get to see the real preserved thing theres some areas Im not 100% sure about. or unless I can get shots of the areas I need from other people.


and with still being new to 7mm, and needing lots of decent replacement parts, I need to find out where to get them from. so any help there would be great so Ill use this thread as my research place to come back to.



First off for now, even with all the shots Ive got, I cant make out if they had handrail knobs, or some other form of arrangement for the handrails.



1. does anyone know if the handrails where steam style knob?

2. if so who does these in 7mm? or if not does anyone do the type I need? :)


and buffers, where can I get really good accurate buffers for it?



the actual box shape of the loco Im happy with, the dimensions and roof curve etc, so hopefully itll form a good basis. the only real area to be concerned with is the whitemetal cab roofs and getting the shape right as the fit is rather poor, but I can live with playing about with that.


ill be using brass wire and strip around the windows and for guttering.




keen Brass kit builders will be horified at the state its in at the moment, Ie tarnished, its just Ive got it out the box which its sat for a year and havent cleaned it up, Dont worry I will :)





It will also be my first try of all the carrs products Ive stocked up with recentley on advice from people here so looking forward to trying those out




the windscreens and the rubber around them which give it its look Im not quite sure of, Id like to try and represent the distinctive thick rubber from some brass wire.

Im modelling one of the later with modified windows.


The angled slatted grills on the other side need some thinking about too



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They aren't really conventional handrail pilars, the vertical handrails are held on some sort of fitting projecting from the loco body but the general appearance is more like the "bent wire" variety. I'm not at all sure what is the best way to reproduce these - another problem for the future in my case, i have two to build in EM.

Michael Edge

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Hi Mike, I don't know what type of buffers you need for a Metro-Vic , but have you tried Prestige Models, MMP or PRMRP ? .

If you haven't done so already, might I recommend you join the Gauge O Guild, you should be able to find most things O gauge advertised in the Gazette which is an excellent magazine & comes quarterly to members(its also the only place you will find a lot of small suppliers as many do not have websites), have you also tried the traders links on the Guild website ? . Another option is to go to one of the guild shows as they are well supported by the trade.

Cheers Phill

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thanks for the replies chaps.


I havent tried anywhere for the parts yet, mainly because Id like advice on what firms parts and castings are the best, I dont want to order a part from a catalogue or site without a picture or seeing them in real life for example.



heres the best pic of the front area, buffers pipes etc which Im looking for http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2719716832/sizes/l/


I think they may be a standard Buffer???? I think the clayton had the same type, with the Co-Bo having an additional box for them to fit to the loco which I will have to make.









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