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3D Printed 'OO' Modern Image Lineside Details

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Hi All,


Along time since I did any 3D CAD, but I have now done some more, mostly because I needed bits for the new layout and my free version of Fusion 360 expires in a couple of weeks.


Whilst I have drawn up CAD files and got STL files for the below, I haven't officially put them on Shapeways. The reason for this is because I have seen a lot of comments from various people that Shapeways is far too expensive and the shipping fee is too much. Now, I sort of agree with the comments, but the reason I use Shapeways is the system allows me to sell models without having to get involved with the logistics of taking orders & money, packing, shipping etc.


I don't have the time or facilities to carryout the printing myself, so selling these components by myself isn't too much of an option at the moment, so I want views of whether people are interested in these buying these components and whether you want to pay Shapeways Prices.


The models I've created have been a mixture of all new models and some which have updated CAD files from new drawings / information I have found, they are all OO Gauge.


3rd Rail Isolation Switch Units - All New - Single / Pack of 4 / Pack of 8:




AWS Magnets (BR Standard Late) - Updated CAD - All combinations available - Singles only:




Axle Counter Disconnection Boxes (Thales EAK30H) - Updated CAD - Pack of 4 / Pack of 8:




Axle Counter Disconnection Boxes (EAK30K) - All New Model - Pack of 4 / Pack of 8:




Impedance Bonds (BR Standard) - Updated CAD - Single / Pack of 5 / Pack of 10:




Impedance Bond (BS3000) - All New Model - Single / Pack of 5 / Pack of 10:




Eurobalise (Siemens) - Updated CAD - Pack of 4:




HW Style Point Motors - All New Model - Single / Pack of 4 / Pack of 8




Interlocking Cubicles (Westlock or Smartlock) - All New CAD - Single / Pack of 4 / Pack of 8




Location Cases (BR Standard - Standard or Half Size) - All New Model - Single / Pack of 4 / Pack of 8




Point Clip Enclosures - All New Model - Single / Pack of 6:




Points Heating Transformers - Updated CAD - Single / Pack of 4 / Pack of 8:




TI-21 End Tuning Units - All New Model - Single / Pack of 10:




I'm getting prints of these done and they should be with me before the end of week.


Again, I would like to know your thoughts on possibly selling these!



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Looking good Simon, it's a shame you don't have time to print yourself... Best thing I've done is to leave shapeways... $38 once every couple of months compared to £800 per month... 

I don't mind them making money thata fine but there's just no money in it for me with the base price being so high.. 


Good thing for you is the items are smaller compared to what I do as they charge for space they can't use which doubles the price for me.. Used to be £35 for a carriage body shell now its £65-70.. Total carriage costs £140 via shapeways... Money I make £5 per carriage. 


Shipping isn't too bad.. Usually get it in 48 hrs. 

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I agree that the Shapeways charges have become a little ridiculous Simon, so if you can find a way of selling and shipping them direct (or through another, cheaper third party), then that would be most excellent. I, for one, would be seriously interested in some of the above, particularly the impedance bonds (old style), point motors, point clip enclosures and point heaters, but that depends on overall price!


(I bought a few of your previous items, but was deterred from buying any more by the price.)

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