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Motorisation of GBL Caledonian Single (and upgrading of her coaches)

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An excellent piece of modelling and an addition to a layout that many would like. I guess the one benefit of cloning an existing model is a much easier conversion to a motorised loco. Super piece of modelling


There is something quite pleasing building a kit (I do understand in this case it and the Triang loco were not kits) line the Kitmaster in the condition it was designed to be built as much as super detailing an old model. I do this with old Jamieson kits build some as designed others I bring up to today's standard.


Any plans of doing another replacing the moulded on details etc?

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G'day all,


Thanks for the comments and "likes". I chose not to replace the moulded handrails on this one, as it would have required a full repaint - not just a touch-up of the modified sections, as the blue paint I used was not a perfect match. It was good enough for the wheels, but not the body. I'm afraid I'm fresh out of spare 4-2-2 chassis, so I won't be doing another. I'm more likely to go back to my GWR theme. On my "to do" list are a 655 class 0-6-0PT and an ex-Cambrian Beyer Peacock 4-4-0. These will have proper handrails, from my stock of 0.3mm dia nickel silver wire.


Watch this space.





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Hello everyone,


What a great community we have in this forum! Earlier this year, Sarah contacted me to offer some CR coach transfers to complete the two re-worked Tri-ang/Peco/Lima models described earlier. We agreed a "deal" and the transfers arrived on 3 March.


I've been a bit busy over the last couple of months, giving my old model of Earl Cawdor a makeover. Here she is, almost ready for primer:



In between various paint colours, I had time to fit the transfers to the CR coaches. They look much more complete, now:









Here they are, behind old No.123.



Thank you, Sarah, for caring enough to offer your very welcome help.


Oh yes (I almost forgot!) - I will be posting details of the aforementioned makeover soon......






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What a superb collection. Well done, really impressed.


You have inspired me to have a go at building a Caledonian myself from parts on eBay.


Am I right in thinking the power is only supplied via the main driving wheels?


Surprised, and pleased they work like that.....





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G'day, Shaun,


Thanks for your interest.


The old 4-2-2 chassis that Tri-ang used for their Caledonian and Dean single models has pickups only on the driving and trailing wheels. I understand that later Hornby Dean singles have pickups on the front bogie wheels.


I have modified both of my original Dean singles with pickups in the tenders and Bullfrog Snot applied to the driving wheels, so they can each pull an 8-coach set of modern Hornby clerestory coaches with ease.


post-17793-0-50884200-1506553320_thumb.jpg post-17793-0-31655700-1506553363_thumb.jpg


The fourth chassis of this type that I have used is now part of my motorised Kitmaster Stirling single, which only has the Tri-ang style pickups on the loco, but has a brass channel inner frame under the tender to provide stability when running. Details of that project are here:



With a bit of care and experimentation, these old designs of chassis can be made to run surprisingly well.


Don't be afraid to have a go!






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