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Innsbruck Trams

Ian Morgan

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I notice Dave F has been posting some photos of Innsbruck trams on his long running topic, and I know others also have photos of the Innsbruck trams, so I thought I would start a new topic just for trams in this photogenic location.


Here are my first batch of photos, taken in January 2003.




And a couple of trolley buses for good measure:



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We visited Innsbruck a year or so ago and note the trolleybuses had all gone. We never really had time to look around as we were trying to find a hotel for the night and it was near Christmas and we'd been working all day at Feldkirch taking the clutch out of a Lodekka bus! Hopefully we can return at some time when it's not so rushed and we're not so busy.

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Bl00dy 'ell, that takes me back! First went to Austria and Innsbruck in 1964, with the Austrian Alpine Club, for a mountaineering holiday. Charter train London-Innsbruck, via trams or as I recall a train up to Igls, cable car to our first mountain "hut" overnight, then back to Innsbruck and on to the Stubaital valley to start walking. A couple of weeks high-level trekking from hutte to hutte, finally back to Innsbruck for the last couple of days. I remember the trams well, travelling around the city in blazing sunshine. Innsbruck was, and still is a wonderful place. My wife and I returned in the 1990's (and our 50's!) and Innsbruck and Igls were just as I remembered, except the trams ran to Igls direct from the city centre. Sorry no photos survived life events since then. But thank you for awakening many happy memories!

Regards, David

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