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A few photos I took today of progress. The retaining wall is almost finished, I need to weather the stone coping and capping and paint the back of the tunnel mouth black. I’ve finished the wooden hut too. I’m now on the search for atmospheric prototype photos to give me some inspiration for how I might finish off the scenery, details and groundworks. 






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(won't embed as not https://, but worth a look for details and set-dressing)


The Eastern portal of Box tunnel is closer to the diorama in form, but I've not seen any particular helpful pics. This colourised shot is lovely though:


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An update - groundworks behind the wall and tunnel progressing well. Cellotex, polyfilla and grubby green/brown acrylic. Looks a bit ‘train set’ at the moment! Next will be static grass and build up the vegetation. Still thinking about the foreground! 
Also undercoated the woodwork, favouring Farriw & Ball ‘Downpipe’ as the top coat colour. 




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Here’s a diorama I recently finished, and is now for sale. It’s affectionately known as ‘Watery Bottom’ and is based on the viaduct of the same name in Lyncombe Vale on the old S&D. However it could be anywhere and in fact the signal is removable so one could swap it for something more appropriate if desired. It measures about 1500mm long and costs £1800. If you’re interested, just drop me a message. 





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Here’s another diorama I’ve finished today. This is based on the Midland goods yard at Ancoats but if the notice board was changed and the door to the office repai yes could be anywhere. It measures 1230mm x 480mm x 500mm high and the back panel with houses attached to it is removable. It makes a very effective static diorama to display O Gauge rolling stock. It’s available for sale for £900, rolling stock not included! 

I have loads more photos if needed. 






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On 17/02/2024 at 07:33, Tricky said:

It’s affectionately known as ‘Watery Bottom’ and is based on the viaduct of the same name in Lyncombe Vale on the old S&D.

Ah, memories of misery there for me, of enforced cross-country running in the cold and wet!


Better memories from when I was a bit older (but still at school) of bunking off games and exploring the old S&D trackbed!


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