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Planned Farish release schedule published 28 Sept 2018


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The production issues have had minimal impact on N gauge. Some production dates have slipped but there planned releases for the next 12 months is still basically the same models. Only a rerun of some MK1's have been removed and the Class 170's.

In the specific instance of this latest problem you are right, the impact appears relatively minimal, however Bachmann have publicly admitted to resource issues which have caused announced models to have protracted development periods. Witness the Mk2s, Class 319, 8F etc. All announced several years ago and some only now just starting to appear in CAD form, meaning another 18 months at least before they hit the shelves. The Birdcages, announced in July 2014 and if the revised list is accurate, 5 years in the making.


It’s these extended development periods that they really need to nail down, and in fairness they do say they are addressing it so hopefully things will improve because, as were seeing in this thread, the delays & intervening price rises just end up causing frustration & disappointment.



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Just got a nice email back from Bachmann. It would seem the Mk2a FKs have become a victim of the factory upheaval and have become indefinitely delayed.


Presumably this will also affect the next N scale Collectors Club model which is based on the same tooling.


The MK2a FK's have now reappeared on the Bachmann list (23/11/18) and are due for delivery in December 2018

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