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Duplicate images appearing

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Hi Admins


Some pre-forum upgrade posts from 2018 are being populated with multiple versions of images. This post here has them in triplicate. Is this something I nmeed to go manually edit or will the forum software settle down and stop displaying extra images, given a while?


As you can see some other posts from other members are showing duplicated images as well.

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I can't see any reason why but it did allow me to edit it down to only show one copy of the images and didn't repeat after re-submission.


No answer at present but I will keep an eye on it elsewhere.

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Cheers Andy. It only seems to be some pages. The next few pages in my layout thread have no duplicate images at all. Not a biggie, just thought I'd bring it up in case in was symptomatic of something else bigger. I am going through my thread tidying up and removing copyrighted images so will just delete any duplicates I come across.

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