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PSX-1 DCC control question


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I have a PSX-1 hooked up to my layout so that the track bus is physically seperate from the bus that controls my accessory decoders.


Reading the PSX-1 instructions it says that by writing to address 2042 it is possible to turn track power on or off. BUT it doesn't say what command or bit sequence that should be sent to this address.


I tried setting up a switch at address 2042 using my Z21 app but when I activated the switch icon all that happened was that other random accessory decoders went haywire.


Has anyone here successfully used this feature?




John P

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Depending on whether you have opted to set the address shift of 4 ... perhaps the Z21 displayed address is 4 away from the 'hardware' addresss  ... so try either 4 above or below, or go into settings and change the option there.

If this is the reason ,i is because the 'numbers displayed to the user' are not part of the dcc spec and so some devices count from cv1=0 and others from cv1=1   (with 4 output pairs or 8 on/offs for each of those addresses)

Left / Right with the correct number should see the power go on and off.

Comment: There  now seems to be A 'Preferred Standardisation' with CV=1 not 0 as the base - which whilst it might seem 'logical' is at odds to the referencing elsewhere of the byte bits from 0 to 7  not 1-8   .. although both seem to be used by manufacturers in literature.

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If the  NCE was set by using a 'learn' button,  it stores whatever address is actually being sent - which may or may not be the displayed address.

(ie it may contain the 4 offset or not)

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