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Re powering for DCC


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 I have a Ken k\Kidder HO Plantation 0-4- Loco and I would like to replace the motor so I can set up for DCC. What size motor should I use . The motor that it has fitted getting a bit sick. The decoder will be fitted in shunters truck not in the loco.

                     Jim More New Zealand

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Does this loco have the worm gear on the motor shaft? If so, the best solution may be to replace the existing magnet with a few rare earth magnets.

The original motor shaft is most likely to be 3/32" diameter and can motors are usually 2mm, or even 1.5. Another thing is can motors do not like being subjected to the end float load which occurs when the worm is on the motor shaft.

If your loco has a gearbox then you can use the largest motor that fits as it can be isolated from the end load, but I don't think that is the case.

If you could post a picture that would help.

I have fitted many decoders to locos with open frame motors, even on those with the original magnet, just ensure the chip has a suitable amperage rate and isolate both brushes. Rare earth magnets help reduce the current draw as well as the work needed to replace the motor.


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