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Humming sound?


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I have Märklin CS3 and Lenz digital system.

When i use Märklin system and start use switch m84 and turnout decoder m83 it sounds humming and it´s noice!

When i switch over to Lenz system the humming sound disappeared!

This provided that there is fault with the Märklin CS3.

But why is this happened?

I have checked connection and all it´s fine.

Even power feeder is normal.

I have problem too with the Märklins CS3 on the touch screen so called TDCB, which means track diagram circuit board.

This problem did began after latest upgraded version by Märklin.

So why happens the humming sound with the Märklins system and nothing with the Lenz system?

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1 hour ago, WIMorrison said:

Why not roll back the latest Marklin update  to confirm that is the cause of the issue?

You mean to delete the new upgrade by return back to older version?

But if i upgrade the system again to same version it appears again with the problem.

I cannot fix the problem and it´s Märklin who has possible to fix the bugs in the software.

I suppose it´s the problem that cause the humming sound?

This is weird!

When i use Lenz system there is no humming sound.

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I do mean go back to the old version - if that cures the buzzing it looks like it is the upgrade that is at fault, if not then it is the CS3. If it doesn’t buzz on the old software then reapply the new upgrade - if it buzzes again then the upgrade is at fault.

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