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Measurements on OS Maps

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I've been looking at some online OS Maps for inspiration, but without a scale on the map, how do you take measurements?


Google maps has a scale so when you zoom in, the scale changes. For instance, most mapping on google allows you to zoom in so that 20m = 2cm (so 1mm = 1m), which makes it easy to take measurements directly from the screen.




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Post-war 1:2500 maps have the 100m grid on them, which makes it easy to measure distances. You can match known positions on those maps to the same positions on older maps to get a pretty good distance measurement.


With Google Maps you can right click on a point and choose "Measure Distance" then click again to get a measurement, And again, if you can match known positions on the Google map to an older map that then allows you to get reasonable distances from older maps.


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