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Hornby R2460 King class


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Purchased as an inexpensive non-runner from the pre-owned section of my favourite store.  Price ex-VAT was GBP33.50.   I decided that even if it needed a new ex-China motor (around GBP2.00) it was worth taking the risk.  The loco arrived this afternoon and apart from the r/h handrail staunchions being broken the loco cosmetically was mint with some signs of usage on the wheel treads.  When placed on the rails there was some hesitant motion with a little sparking from the wheel treads.  A couple of helpful prods and the loco started to run albeit very erratically.


Common with many Hornby models from this era (circa-2005)  like the Duchess/Coronation/Princess classes,  the wheels are brass and if not used then they oxidise causing a non-conductive coating on the tread.  A gentle cleaning of the wheels and the loco now runs very smoothly.  I did a quick service and reassembled the loco.  A spot of glue on the centre handrail staunchion and the handrail is now relatively secure.  I do not trust myself to glue the remaining staunchions.  My risk in buying the loco was rewarded and for less than half of what the store wants for a similar running model.

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I find it hard to believe the wheels were brass. I had several of the earlier Kings, R2390 and R2309, bought new, and all the wheels on mine were silver steel as they should be. Perhaps yours has had some modifications that have damaged its performance. 

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