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Jouef/Playcraft ‘Forestier’ prototype?

009 micro modeller

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Yes, the prototype was the first series of SNCF DEV AOs. DEV was the SNCF's Division des Etudes Voitures et wagons which was under the direction of a M. Forestier and they were the first new express coaches designed by SNCF (Think of BR Mk1s as a sort of analogy)  They were of welded construction and originally designed before the war. With a massive need for new coaches after th war 1595 of these  were produced between 1948 à 1963. for SNCF (plus 10 for the Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois)

The suffix AO (Acier Ordinaire- or normal steel) was added to distinguish them from the Inox (stainless steel) version of this coach produced from 1950-1970 by Carel & Fouche (who had the French licence for Budd's patented system for welding stainless steel) and originally used on prestige trains such as Le Mistral.

The official designation of the first bach of of DEV AOs was U46 (unifiée 1946) They were orignally often referred to as Forestiers, after their designer, but more commonly known simply as DEVs. They came in long and short versions 25.1m and 23.3m but some of the couchettes were 24.3m long. They were really displaced by the mass arrival of Corail coaches from 1975 but some remained in SNCF  service until the mid 1990s. 


The Jouef/Playcraft model is from their "Jouet" (toy) period when their coaches were "shorties" and some distance from being 1/87 scake. Hornby  Jouef now offer a very decent version but others have or do also produce models of them and if you search on SNCF DEV AO you'll get  a fairly large number of references.

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