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identify glyn valley tramway steam locos


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hi everyone 


i have come in to possession of 3 glyn valley tramway steam locos. 


i will be selling them and donating the money to charity on behalf of their previous owner in due course. 


i believe they are 0-16.5 scale?


i only really know about british n gauge and european ho gauge trains so if anyone could say what make they are and say what they are roughly worth that would be a great help!


they are metal. they run on dc. 2x 0-4-2s and 1x 4-6-0. 


videos below. 


also there are some 4 wheel very small wagons. 


they were static display models for a very very long time so could use some cleaning up, oiling, adjusting the pick ups and wheels etc. from someone who is an expert at this kind of thing... but they do all run... 


many thanks 












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I agree with sam. I have seen the peco ones go from £20 to £150 depending on the finish and if a few people wanting them. The other one I have never seen come up before so your guess is as good as mine.

Hope this is of some sort of help 


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The best option may be to contact the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association who run a secondhand facility.


If your unable to find the details on google please PM me


I had been a  7mm NGA member for over 30 years until I decided to move on to new 4mm projects.


I sold all my stock to the association 


If I can be of further help please pm me



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