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Private owner wagon at Bude Wharf


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While doing sone research into a possable micro layout I cam across a very fuzzy image of a Private owner wagon at Bude Wharf



From what I can just make out the wagon belongs to ** Brothers who look like they are based at what apperars to be Marsh Mills which is near Plymouth.  I can't find any referance to a business based at marsh mills apart from Martyn Bros who were big players in the china clay industry.

What are other peoples thoughts?



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Just checked Turton, and Hoare Brothers opened their roadstone works at Marsh Mills in 1932.  They had quite a large fleet of specialist steel wagons for handling the roadstone, and a handful of second hand coal wagons to supply their works at Marsh Mills and Tavistock.

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Just showing off my Christmas present of Turton's Eleventh! The entry on Hoare Brothers is illustrated with the photo of No. 20:






and a similar wagon No. 58. 


The company also had three second-hand ten-ton wagons from Gloucester; it is presumably one of these we see in the photo, or a similar wagon hired from another wagon firm. It appears to be No. 70. Turton only has information about Gloucester-supplied wagons but it is evident from the numbering that there must have been wagons from other firms. I note that the Antics wagon is numbered 60; I suspect this is a number from the same Gloucester batch as No. 58, but is the livery taken from another photo? Mainline did a hopper wagon numbered 101, representing one of six 20 ton hoppers built by Gloucester in 1927 and also illustrated by Turton. 

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