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Hibberd Planet 11 ton loco .... 11104/52

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   I am attempting to model the Hibberd Planet 11-Ton loco which worked for LNER/SR/BR  etc,etc ..


   My question is a simple one, but information & photos seem very scarce  ...


     *     What livery (colour) was this loco painted in it's BR days ??


     *     Although hard to believe, was it lined ?? and if so what colour and where ?


     *     Did it carry and lettering , eg Departmental etc,etc ?


     *     Did it carry it 's number ?


Any photos would be a real bonus ..


Many thanks,   Ian


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51 minutes ago, sir douglas said:

Sorry no idea on livery but i was just doing some googling and what youve got a little mix up with the types, this is a "Planet" type which is also 11 ton but the "11 ton" is the small one with a short sloped bonnet"

But it is "the small one with a short sloped bonnet". As far as I can tell, it is a standard Hibberd Planet 11 ton, albeit with some rather unusual buffers (which may well be to add weight).


From a previous post, I think @Staffordshire already has a copy of  https://www.amazon.co.uk/BR-Departmental-Locomotives-1948-68-Stabling/dp/0711038007, but if anyone else wants to see what it looked like, there is a photograph on one of the preview pages. It won't help with livery, though, either at Hartlepool or Woking, since it appears to be half-way through a repaint. I'd guess at yellow ends and red buffer beam, but what the sides are I wouldn't like to guess at.


I'd guess that at Hartlepool it was in standard all-over BR black for a (capital stock) shunting locomotive. It almost certainly carried the number 11104 when delivered, else why would it be mentioned, but was probably quickly renumbered to 52. I can't see it getting a repaint, though. Perhaps the lion and wheel would be painted over, though, I don't know. Departmental locomotives usually had no insignia, but often had wording (sometimes quite lengthy) to say who they "belonged" to. However, there is so little room for writing on 52, that I find it hard to imagine it had anything other than the number (and the lion and wheel, if it wasn't painted over). Here's a link to a picture of another Darlington departmental, No. 54: https://transportsofdelight.smugmug.com/RAILWAYS/LOCOMOTIVES-OF-BRITISH-RAILWAYS-EASTERN-REGION/DEPAERTMENTAL-LOCOMOTIVES/i-fprgWZc.

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