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Heljan Class 24 - O Gauge

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On 26/11/2023 at 21:13, D5158 said:

With a bit of luck it should be possible to convert a 24/1 to a 25/0.  Removing the water tank and a few roof modifications.  Here’s hoping !.

I did two Baccy ones,it was an easy conversion. See the Bachmann 24/1 thread. Only difference I can see in doing an O gauge conversion will be the need to add a bit more detail to the roof boiler blanking plates.

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Just to clarify the 24/0 and 24/1 conversation, it wasn't the weight which designated the class difference. Infact pre TOPS there was no 24/0 or 24/1. The difference between the the first 50 and the next production batch was the electrical equipment variations. It would have been line control allocating the correct loco for any axle load restrictions in the 60's. I have the original Brush printed driver manuals and it simply refers to D5000/50 D5051 onwards and the technical variations . Further to this the 25/0 class were regarded simply as uprated horse power freight only  locos of the same spec, covered in the drivers manual for D5000 to D5175. Boiler differences were covered in a different publication for issue to 2nd men.

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