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Reattaching lionheart manning wardle cab window


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Oh dear!  Some loco detailing just clips back in, but if it needs gluing one option is Deluxe Materials Glue ‘n’ Glaze.  It was recommended to me for attaching details to rolling stock - as a polymer it dries clear and doesn’t melt the materials it touches (I think that’s how it works - I’ve had no problems). I haven’t done many rolling stock repairs, but the ones that have been most successfully have been those where I’ve used far less glue than I would expect to and applied it very carefully.  Good luck, Keith.  

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I use gloss acrylic varnish diluted with water borne acrylic paint thinners and the tiniest tad of washing up liquid making quite a runny mix. Place the window in its aperture and apply the mixture round the edge with a fine pointy brush letting capilliary action attract the liquid along the join. Let it dry and repeat if required. When it's all done and dry remove any excess off the pane with a cotton bud with a little more thinners or IPA for the more stubborn marks.

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