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My Kato N gauge Mini Diorama adventure

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Before Christmas I became aware of the Kato N gauge Mini diorama kits that were being distributed by Gaugemaster, Osborns and TrainTrax and thought they looked a lot of fun. I'm supposed to be building a new OO9 layout, but these have taken over a bit. Anyway, they are giving me some scenic modelling refreshers, before I crack on, with what I hope, might even be an exhibition layout (small as it will be).

Ive always been interested in the modular layout idea, but never been confident enough in my skills to build any - I have always thought that I would never be able to line up my track centres properly. These tiny kits get over that! I have about 15 kits currently started, but these are the 5 i have finished.

As others have done, some are being built as individual modules and others are being made & used as pairs. I have a couple more ideas for pairs that i am working on and a couple more single ones. Beyond that, I dont know where I am going, but having a couple of Sisters are into crafting, I am thinking of giving them a couple of kits to go free range with.

Here are the ones i've done - apologies for the poor photos - and yes, I think Ineed to attend to the drunk tree in the first one!




This was the first time I have ever modeled a Winter snow scene and am happy with end result achieved using various snow and ice products. 




A work colleague and his Land Rover "Disco Doris" feature in the second pair (look up Kitty LandRover online)


The last picture features my nod to the 1973 film classic "Digby - the biggest dog in the World"




The modules have all had their dimensions enlarged slightly, but without comprising their connecting faces / points to other modules.

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3 more diorama' have been completed! These are a bit light hearted. Ive got 4 more in build, with only a few left to complete, before i've got a whole circuit of my own.




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Hope you don't mind me posting my Kato diorama here. Added a small backscene, a couple of trees, a couple of MBZ laser cut buildings, Ratio lamp, a Kato tram and a Marks Models beetle. The overhead wire standards are scratch.



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My last 2 pairs of dioramas have been pretty much completed.

The town / street scene is permanently fixed and just requires a few more people and a couple of road vehicles. Like a previous module where a friends Land Rover Discovery featured, on this one, a Bedford "Bambi" camper van appears - in the colours that were carried by my late Fathers one. (The fire engine is temporary - I cant help but think the scene needs a bus!)

The desert scene is crying out for a Wylie Coyote and Road Runner cameo, but I am really struggling to find some small enough to work.

Ive spoken with a couple of 3d print guys, but none have been able to help and Ive scoured the internet for jewellery charms, but to no avail, so far! These 2 modules can be used together (they look best as pictured) or separately.

Ive now got enough to make an interesting circuit, so will be available for exhibiting, if anyone is interested or anyone else wants to join up at a show.





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