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Class 21 DCC Sound Files


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Recently started planning an East Anglia / Suffolk Branch Line layout and whilst curating a list of stock to create authentic operations, purchased a Dapol Class 21 in all-over BR Green.


As I operate DCC, I'd especially like to make all the stock for this layout sound fitted.


I have seen a few options out there for sound files but from the limited videos I can find, none so fare have really taken my fancy / don't feel their quality is quite up to par for what I want (even if generic sounds are used) compared to some of the other classic high-end sounds files we can get.


What I'm especially looking for is decent Prime Mover sounds as most places (similar to previous experiences I've had) can replace Horns and other ancillary sounds to suit.


Does anyone have any suggestions / examples of sound files available for the Class 21? 

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I believe { though I could be wrong} that the NBL class 21 was basically a diesel electric version of the western region's  class 22 which of course had hydraulic transmission . 

Like yourself , I find the current offerings are not  that great .

One of the reasons I love sound chipped locos is the evocative memories that are inspired .

It is however difficult to feel evocative about a loco whose sound I I and most others have never heard ,

There is one surviving MAN engine in working order  from a class 22 that is housed inside a shipping container  and there are videos on you tube demonstrating its operation 

and indeed its sound .

Fingers crossed that one day , it might form the basis for a credible sound project ,

Till then , the offerings from Wheeltappers , Roads and rails and DC kits are the best currently on offer 


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