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  1. I suppose the worst thing Hornby did was stay still in terms of product improvement . they probably didn't see any need to do so . That however was before Accurascale came along . To say that Accurascale have upset the model railway establishment's apple cart is somewhat an understatement .
  2. I think I cut the metal.with the chassis insitu. I may have used kitchen roll to stuff between chassis and gears and I probably removed the wheelset .The motor IIRC is enclosed by the casting so that was OK. I did it during the lockdown along with a whole load of other projects so it was a good while back and my memory fails me a bit .
  3. Really great job ! You've certainly achieved your objective of getting sound into a Teddy Bear without major surgery . Not an easy loco to work on , in fact , quite horrid ! I found a pic I posted on a Facebook group that showed my attempt at sound and stay alive , I did have to take a hacksaw to the smaller bonnet in order to get sugar cube and stay alive in , All in all , it works very well but not easy as you know . To get a speaker as large as yours was quite an achievement so well done !
  4. If it's an ESU loksound chip , then CV 63 is the CV to adjust The V4/V5 chips adjustment goes from 0 to 192 . The higher the value, the higher the volume . However , it might be a ZIMO chip , if it is , F2 is likely to be a brake function. Not sure what CV is used to alter the volume on a ZIMO . It might be worth going through the function list and putting them on this forum . Most will be able to tell who's sound project and what chip it is HTH
  5. I would be very surprised if ZIMO didn't do a sound project for that loco . I believe they have a list from which you can download the relevant sound. Alternatively, you could contact soneone like Digitrains who will probably be able to help you . I intend to do the same for my W&M railbus with a VT95 schienenbus project which may sound a bit more authentic than current British offerings HTH .
  6. Looks like it was weathered by a YTS trainee
  7. I wanted to fit an EM 2 to my 40 a good while back but , having put the chip on the decoder tester and the EM2 under the empty bodyshell , I found the sound quite disappointing with said speaker. Sadly, it just didn't suit Biffs sound project , not to my ear at least.
  8. At the model world LIVE in Brum and of particular interest to me was the 00 gauge class 02 . Got a couple of close up shots thru the glass case ( sorry , but I'm no David Bailey and it looks good and , having spoken to Ben Jones , he has said the 00 model WILL have shunting lights . Result ! Delivery expected in the autumn.
  9. If you look through the previous couple of pages , you'll see the reaction is overwhelmingly positive . Unlike the PWMs , the class 11 have lights , have no body fit issues and run as sweet as a nut . Obviously made in a different factory
  10. You would think that someone like Exteme etchings would do an etch for that . Anyone doing a Blue ,pre TOPS class 25 like me , will always have the smooth front end to deal with not to mention removing those blooming dominoes.
  11. Sounds like a ZIMO / Digitrains project . Could be wrong though .
  12. I'm assuming you have an 8 pin version ? The later 21 pin version simply plugged straight in to the PCB above the worm drive . There is room between front of motor and rear of grille but beware of the protruding motor shaft at the front which spins of course. Fashioning a plasticard shield between decoder and motor shaft would be a wise move .
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