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Steam "Chuff" Rate

Stuart G

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I have encountered an odd problem when modifying the configuration C.V.s on LokSound V5 decoders.

I change the following C.V.s to these values:

CV27 - 000; CV29 - 026; CV47 - 001; CV49 - 017; CV50 - 000; CV124 - 036

The result is that when I start a steam locomotive, the Chuff Rate is absolutely 'mad' and attempting to synchronise the Chuff Rate C.V.s (CV57, CV58 & CV249) has very little effect.


Reconfiguring similar C.V.s on Zimo decoders does not cause any such issues.


Can anyone offer a reason why this happens?

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Did you also change CV2? This has a big impact on chuff sync.

For example, if CV2 = 1, you should start with CV57=200 and CV58 = 50.

And before that (but after setting CV2) you need to do the CV54/F1 procedure, see instructions.

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I did chnage CV2 to '001', not realising that this would affect the Chuff Rate.

 One option open is to do a 'factory reset' (CV8 - 008) and re-configure the required C.V.s, leaving CV2 at its original value.

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