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Met line sidings


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On 06/02/2024 at 10:54, aictosphotos said:

Does anyone know what the following sidings lengths are or know where this information can be found in the public domain please?







Any help would be most appreciated.

The following I think is correct.

Watford - the sidings either side of the platform roads will each take a S8 set plus another set in the loop next to the southbound departure road. The current view on Google Maps - layers shows a train in the platform which gives an idea of scale.

Rickmansworth - the North Sidings and the South Sidings each will take a S8 set. The siding nearest the station will take 2 S8 sets.

Northwood - the reversing siding will take a S8 set. The other siding and the kickback were I think put in when the A stock was being disposed of by road. A stock was in 4 car units and my recollection is that one of these fitted into the far end or the siding and then individual cars were taken along the kickback siding and loaded on to road transport. Edit - having second thoughts after looking at Google maps again possibly only a single car fitted between the point for the kickback siding and the buffer stop.  

Harrow-on-the-Hill - the reversing siding will take a S8 set.


Hope this helps.


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