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Chelfham Layout Build


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Well from small beginnings and all that.

The layout itself will be a roundy roundy. The curves at the ends will be un sceniced (well at this stage at least!!!!!!!

So they are as good a place to start. 4 modules, each module having 90%  of a 653mm radius curve with a 5cm straight at either end

Magic train box car and minex open wagon posed for effect.

track laying to commence next weekend



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so amongst other things done over the weekend, I painted Taw's hand rails at the loco cab. Wanted some "shiny parts where hands grasp them as the driver and fireman climb into the cab



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Not a lot has been happening due to a lack of track, well points really which are on back order.

Taw has been running around in circles.

Have ordered some L&B couplings from NZFineScale https://nzfinescale.com/product-category/oo9-couplers/

In terms of layout planning I have giving serious consideration to making the station displayable from either side, so that at one exibition you would see the back of the station building and at the next the front of the station building.

plenty to contemplate

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