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Which Gauge of Wire

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Following the usual superb advice from experienced forum members I created a wired points system from a Guagemater Controller accessory section at 16V AC (the rest of my layout is DCC but I did not want the expense of decoders in every point motor).  Because the layout is reasonable sizeable at 12' x 14.5' I followed advice and used a heavier gauge wire from my Seep PM1 Points to the on off on toggle switches pin the layout board diagram I created to house the switches - this was 24.02 gauge wire .  And everything has worked out fine after learning the critical need to slacken off the PM1s slightly and to use a CDU to give the extra oomph needed to power the points .


However I want to tidy up the wiring behind the board and my question is do I need a wire (I use red) as heavy as 24/0.2 connected to the CDU and the central section of each on/off/on toggle switches given that we are talking about only short distances here.  Of course the outer connections of each Seep connecting to the board do use this wire as I have stated.  Certainly a thinner wire would allow me to neaten things up.


I must confess to be very much an electrical ignoramus and have usual gotten things right through the kindness of forum members.  Any advice would be most graciously welcomed.



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The same current will flow from the output terminals of the CDU to the operating switch(es) as flows from a switch that is On to the Seep motor. So I would keep with the larger wire size. Of course distance between CDU and switch(es) if short may mean you could get away with a smaller wire size of say 16/0.2mm, but as you obviously have the larger size then use it throughout.  Note; the input from the 16v AC power source to the CDU doesn't need to be that large, here 16/0.2mm would be fine if you have any, otherwise use what you have.

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