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DP4 for DCC instead of MP5


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I have just received my DP4 which are the same as MP5 except for DCC control.


Has anyone wired these up for operation. I have the cobalt IP and was thinking they operating the same as them. But wondering  of anyone would know. 

Thanks James


Buy first ask questions later.DP4.jpeg.682c85c3b331d39227d6d02caba07c55.jpeg

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First, better posted in DCC section not in computer control, as turnout motors/switches have nothing to do with computers.

Isn’t the diagram on the casing self-explanatory? Two DCC connections as you’d expect, and two switched outputs for such as frog and/or signals. The common in each instance is clearly marked, and if the device switches wrong way, on similar devices one can simply swap the two other wires of the three., so most likely the same. 
The manual available on line (simply by googling) really only shows a copy of the casing diagram.





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