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New OO/HO Setrack Planbook on the way...?


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Was browsing the Peco website and one of the pictures that randomly changes at the top of the screen changed to show this:


post-7489-094776500 1283970024_thumb.jpg


So looks like Paul A Lunn has been working on a 3rd edition of this volume. If it's anything like the first two it could be £2.50 (!) well spent - forget the Setrack element, the combination of interesting approaches to layout design and colour 'artists impressions' of the completed layouts makes this series an entertaining read.


No idea on release date though (it's not listed on any box shifters websites, or Peco's own site).

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Mmm I think thats another plan book!


I bought the first one in this series, then shortly after another came out which had many of the same plans in with a slightly different front cover main picture, with the bottom two plans the same as the first issue.


That image you have posted shows a completely different front cover with all 3 plans different, not seen that anywhere though.

Like you I do fine them excellent, and the artists impressions give some great ideas, well worth the money.


will need to look out for this issue.

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