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Welcome to the London Underground Group


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Welcome everyone to the London Underground Group.


The Group will be a focus for modellers and enthusiasts of the London area Transportation systems within RMweb, as well as a source of occasional information for those with a passing interest.


Whilst the headline is London Underground, it is envisaged that the Group will also cater for the interests of London Overground, Docklands Light Railway and any London Bus related discussions which take the interest of RMweb members.


Topics which may overlap with other Groups (e.g. London's tram system, London's main line termini) belong in whichever Group the OP (Original Poster) wishes to place it. If a topic is seen in another Group which will be of interest to us, then add a link to it in our RMweb links topic.


Discussions have already got underway within the Group, and the topic for links to modelling resources has been started.


What can you add?





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Fantastic, a dedicated London Underground Group...the last thing I needed! I've been trying to rationalise my modelling for ages and now I'm going to be inspired by everyone on here to take the plunge aren't I? ;)


Oh well, no point trying to resist. Well done Dave, I hope its a success.

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My son has asked for a London Overground train for Christmas.


After some thought I have decided I have a Hornby Class 155 which can be converted. The cab ends will stay the same for simplicity but any advice on the correct blue and orange colours would be welcome and more importantly whether anyone does Overground decals.



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